Monday, December 14, 2009

MPP's scam list.

Ok, what we are going to do is build a scam list here. Im gonna give you a chance to improve my blog. just write a site that scammed you in any way, didn't send you your payout, didn't give any points for surveys etc. Just post the link and how did you get scammed below this post in comments or send me an e-mail, or add me to MSN and write about it there if you would prefer to stay anonymous and i'll have a little background check, on the web-site, try to get a payout and if it really is a scam site i'll add it to the post.

Scam sites on talkPTC. The list is good and has most of the known scam sites on the market but i actually have found paying sites there so thats the reason im making this post here to have a bit more accurate list.

Colors and what they mean- Not a scam, Scam, Unknown.



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